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Today is a day to celebrate the strong, powerful and independant women in our lives.

We asked NM founders Jes & Jody what is the most empowering thing about being a woman in business & how the other women in their lives inspire them.

Jes, what empowers you most about being a women in business? 

Knowing that I can do it. Knowing I have support to do it. Showing my daughter directly that you can choose your path and that you keep going even when times are tough. You don’t give up, you show up and do it. Anything is possible if you work for it.

Who are 3 women in your life that inspire you? 

My daughter - my biggest inspiration and reason I do everything I do. From the moment she was born she has empowered me to be my best daily. She is the most amazing human, wise beyond her years and gives me fresh eyes to see the world through a different perspective daily. Slowing down and seeing life for what is truly is. 

Jojo - meeting her lit something inside of me that I had been trying to find for years. We’ve built a business from scratch, learnt many lessons - some very bad ones and some very good ones, and without question we have helped each other overcome a lot, both professionally and personally. We have a really special bond and I’m so grateful for both our business and personal relationship. I feel very lucky we have a mix of both, it’s a rare thing.

My Mum - a really different kind of empowerment. I have so much respect and admiration for my Mother. There has been some really tough things my Mother has been through and I’ve witnessed her rise above them all. She has allowed me throughout my life and continues to allow me the space to grow, yet I know I will always have her support and love. I hope I can do the same for my children. 


Jody, what empowers you most about being a woman in business?

The idea that I’m teaching my own son that women are strong, independent, more than capable and powerful people that can do anything they want. 


Who are 3 women in your life that inspire you?

I can’t choose just three but ill do three categories, Number one is Jess, my business partner, one of my best friends, the best Mum, wife/partner, daughter, sister. I have witnessed it all. She is hard working, caring, level headed, generous and one of a kind human, Im lucky to have her in my life and one woman I look up to.

My Beautiful close friends. Mace, Ct, Suze, Loz, Soph, Abbey, Rebecca, Jessica, jess, Jordi, Chels, Lori. I am so lucky to be surrounded by these incredible people. They run houses, they build houses, they build businesses, they run families, they work, they keep fit, they nurture friendships, they’re incredibly strong and the biggest bunch of legends I have ever met. Honestly inspire me everyday.

Last but not least, my Gran, the strongest, most resilient, beautiful woman iv known. She gives me the best advice, she shows me what it is to move onwards and upwards, to overcome heartache and loss and immense grief but come out on top. 

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