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At NM we pride ourselves on the impact that we have on the environment and are passionate about supporting humanitarian issues we feel strongly about.

We have adopted a new approach to slower fashion producing authentic designs for comfort and quality.


We aim for our pieces to take a place in your wardrobe for many seasons to come, styles that will never be off trend so that you can hand these timeless pieces onto your daughter. Taking less from the earth and in the end giving you more – know that when purchasing from us you are effortlessly minimalising your wardrobe while making an impact.

You can wear your pieces with pride knowing that your clothes are made by people who love their jobs and with fabrics that have been ethically sourced. All of our packaging is 100% environmentally friendly, from when it leaves production to when it arrives at your doorstep.


Our friends at NO Issue have helped us make this incredible change by offering customised biodegradable packaging. We talked with them about the lifestyle of Nice Martin – you can read our interview with them on their website.  
NM is also a part of the i=Change foundation - $1 from each purchase is donated to the charity of your choice, there are three charities to choose from and every few months we change up the options to keep our donations going to priority causes that are happening in our area at the time. 

We want to support and help our local charities in every way we can. We believe in providing a better future for our children and the children of the world, they are the way forward so we need to do what we can now! 

Currently your purchases are raising money for; Restore the land in which we have raised $743, Post fire support raising $646 and the Prevent women dying project which we have raised $1,228 so far.

Without our loyal customers we wouldn’t be able to donate to such powerful causes and help to make a difference. Thank you for supporting us, in result we can raise money and move towards a positive change.

x The NM team


If you'd like to know more about No Issue or i=Change you can visit their websites below.
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